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For further information please see the School Uniform policy, which can be found within our Behaviour Policy here.


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Whitefield Uniform Policy, Year 7 - Year 11  

Whitefield school has a strict uniform policy which must be adhered to on the way to and from school and on school trips. 

  • A plain white school shirt suitable for use with a tie. 

  • A black V neck school jumper (optional). 

  • A green and black striped tie. 

  • Plain black school trousers. Trousers which look like "jeans" or "skinny jeans" are not permitted or a plain black school skirt (not layered) which is knee length at least. Both must be loose fitting.

  • Plain black footwear which are suitable for wearing during the day and to and from school (no visible logos, coloured laces/stitching or steel capped shoes). 

  • A black blazer with a Whitefield badge on the pocket. 

  • A choice of either plain white/black socks, or flesh coloured/plain black tights are allowed.    

  • If belts are worn they must be plain black, and not have any large buckles. 

  • A watch and one pair of earrings (small studs/sleepers only) may be worn. 

  • A single religious emblem may be worn under clothing. 

  • Coats are suitable for school, but must not be worn indoors

  • No hooded jumpers/tops to be worn as coats. 

  • No facial piercings of any sort 

  • Headscarves and hairbands if worn must be in black or white (no multi coloured ones are allowed; no tassels, no sequins). 

  • Hairstyles must be moderate and conventional (as close to a natural colour as possible i.e. not a bright or extreme colour). Shaved patterns are not allowed. 

  • No make-up of any kind should be worn by students. This includes foundation, lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow liner and nail varnish (including false nails and false eyelashes). Students arriving in school wearing makeup, nail varnish or false nails will be asked to remove it. Failure to do so will result in the student being sent to the internal exclusion centre.

  • For health and safety reasons, aerosols (including but not limited to deodorants, hairsprays, body sprays and aftershaves) are not to be used in school.

  • Hats, durags and bandanas must not be worn in the school building at all (unless for religious reasons). - A suitable bag should be used at school that can hold the required books, files and equipment (handbags are not recommended). 

There may be certain periods of hot weather where blazers may be left at home or not worn. Students will be notified by the Headteacher of these occasions.