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Physical Education Curriculum Overview

"Sport has literally changed my life. I’m here because of sport. It has given me a lot of confidence, courage and discipline"
Serena Williams


In PE we ensure students are ambitious in everything they do whether it be in lessons, extracurricular or inter school competition. We give every student the opportunity to develop skills to achieve these ambitions.

Students have the opportunity to attend a range of extra curricular clubs before, during and after school as well as regular House competitions that students can participate in. Some students will represent the school in inter school competitions across a number of sports. 

Students have the opportunity to study sports courses at university and go into a sports specific industry such as coaching or physiotherapy. Students also have the knowledge required for them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.




  • Students will develop a love for sport and physical activity. They will gain an understanding of a healthy active lifestyle and the benefits that exercise has on their physical, social and emotional health.
  • Through PE students will develop a range of skills in a variety of sports across the key stages. They will demonstrate these skills through isolated, conditioned and competitive practices. Developing a number of leadership skills that will benefit them in everyday life such as communication, teamwork and organisation.


  • We tailor our curriculum to fit the individual needs of our students with regards to schemes of learning, linking them with intra and inter school competitions and pathways into KS4 and KS5, such as GCSE PE and BTEC Level 3 Sport. 
  • Using effective retrieval practice enables us to identify any gaps in knowledge and use responsive teaching to address any misconceptions in both theory and practical lessons. We also identify students who need to attend PE intervention after school each week to ensure all students are making the progress they are capable of.