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Whitefield Sixth Form

The purpose of our sixth form is to ensure we develop well-rounded pupils who achieve great grades and have great character through our high standards and expectations. Our students are the individuals who will become our future leaders and change makers. Our inclusive, supportive and ambitious culture enables our pupils to reach and exceed their full potential, regardless of their starting point in life. We embrace our diverse community and act as a social leveller allowing all pupils to flourish. We believe that everyone has the ability to excel and make a difference, and we know that when we feel seen, heard and respected, and our mental health and wellbeing are looked after, we can exceed even our own expectations. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of students’ school life, whether academic, social or emotional. This is demonstrated each and everyday through our val...
Chris Hunt, Headteacher
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House System

Belonging to a House helps students feel part of a smaller community within the larger whole school community, students of all ages can work together with members of staff to achieve common goals.
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